Extra Qualifications During College

There is so much competition today in the job market that having just one degree isn’t enough. You should ideally possess a lot of work experience in the relevant industry, or you should have industry qualifications which show that you have skill as well as knowledge. Don’t forget, college degrees mostly focus on knowledge. So here are some suggestions that can help guide you towards various career choices.

Cut and Style Cloth

A fashion design course is something that you can easily do while being in college. There are plenty of institutes and specialized schools that offer short term and long term qualifications for fashion design course in Sydney that will allow you to work in the industry. If you do a Business Administration bachelor’s degree and then join a institute to get some fashion expertise, you could end up working for a couture house, a garment factory or even on your own. Most of them are conducted during the weekends or in the late afternoons because lecturers are mindful of the fact that many students want to learn part time. Often they are full time students elsewhere studying a subject that involves little creativity. Others already work in the industry but want to have the formal qualification for promotion purposes.

Learn to Balance the Check book

In order to fashion school in Sydney, you have to go to a professional body. Similarly, if you want to learn accounting, you need to go to the professional accounting body in your country. In most countries this is called the AAT – Association of Accounting Technicians – and they have a set syllabus and exams which every aspiring accountant must pass in order to get their license. This maintains a certain standard for accountants and it also allows those already in the industry to monitor those who take the profession seriously. If you want to enter this field then it is worthwhile investing the money and time it takes to study for and pass these exams.

Tech Savvy

Almost everyone knows how to handle a computer these days but our knowledge is often limited to browsing the internet, managing our email and social media and using word processors. There is a lot more to information technology than that. You can follow an information technology course for a short time at an IT institute or be an intern at an IT firm in order to gain some knowledge beyond that. Few companies will hire you if you are not computer literate; knowing how to type a document on your smart phone doesn’t suffice. So try to complete one while you are in college so you don’t waste time afterwards.