Social Clothing For Men

It is not only the women that need to be careful when selecting their formal attire. Men too need to get their hands on quality outfits in order to look presentable in certain formal occasions to make an impression on others. Therefore, there are certain types of formal clothing that they need to be aware of so that they are dressed appropriately for the event. Getting these done is not as easy as you think as getting a new suit done itself will cost quite a considerable amount. However, if the right tailor is found, all the money spent will be worth it. Following are some of the types of social clothing that men wear for certain occasions; you might find the below information helpful in picking your next suit.

White tie

It is a common misconception to think that suit and tie is the only type of clothing available for men. But in real terms, formal attire for men include anything that are hardly owned by them or what they do now own in plenty, and maybe just a handful or even one; and suit and tie is one of those, When you decide to wear a white tie to an event, consider whether you are wearing it to the right place. It is said that white ties are usually worn for diplomatic events, British sporting events and award ceremonies.

Black tie

Black tie is categorized as a semi formal dress code. If you aren’t certain of it, ask the best tailor Bangkok about it and they will tell you where and when the black tie should be worn with the suit. However, do not let the term ‘semi-formal’ fool you as this is still strictly formal attire for men. While in the evening you can go for a tuxedo look with a black tie, mornings can be done with the simpler version of it.


What is business attire like? Surely, this type of attire is something that you go through on a daily basis; or at least on a week day basis. Dressing up for a business event could include a nice suit with a white shirt and tie with a tie pin on which gives the outer audience an impression that you are a businessman. You can wear your tailor made suits Bangkok in this occasion, but make sure that it is not too grand and will look too highlighted at the business event.


Casual wear is perhaps the easiest type of suite for you to find the closet by best tailor in Bangkok. This could even be a pair of shorts and a tee shirt that you decide to wear while going on a fun outing with your family and friends. However, it is very important that you know where to dress yourself in such casual wear as some over use the benefit of having the opportunity to dress them in this attire. Knowing what to wear in the right occasion is important, so take notes and dress right.